The Snowball

The Snowball 2023″ is a captivating project poised to unfold against the vibrant backdrop of the Fall season. This initiative seeks to cultivate an immersive experience where participants embark on a journey of growth and connection, paralleling the transformative colors of autumn leaves.

Through a meticulously curated series of events and activities, this project aims to gather individuals from diverse walks of life, creating a dynamic atmosphere that encapsulates the essence of the season.

The Snowball 2023 envisions itself as a catalyst for personal development and community enrichment, fostering meaningful relationships and igniting the spark of shared aspirations. It intends to weave the magic of Fall’s inherent beauty into a tapestry of collective endeavor, setting the stage for an unforgettable five-hour celebration where the intertwining threads of Dinner, Dancing, and Music culminate in an event that captures the spirit of the season and the aspirations of its participants.

In order to make the Snowball Dance a safer experience for all, volunteers working as Floaters and Friends will undergo background checks this year.  Therefore, signups will close on September 15th.