Summer Dreams 2023

Scalable, Sustainable, State Certified

Our story begins with observing the lack of technical education as an option before repatriating from county jail incarceration.

Blackboard, Chaulk, and Erasers

Then, as now In the United States, about one in three people have been convicted of a crime. Millions of people have a criminal record and can’t get a job.

Most experts agree that one important thing a prison education can do is to give freedom to people who have been convicted of crimes. These studies show that former offenders are much less likely to go back to prison once they’ve been released and also that apprenticeships help businesses and create jobs for many ex-offenders.

Key Take-Away

We have created a set of stackable career choice options, supported by local employers willing to hire and assist in finding affordable housing solutions for our students.

Santa Clara County Project

CityLab Professional Network System Specialist Apprenticeship Program

After eight (8) years we have begun the third and final phase of our proof of concept to coincide with our 2015 commitment during the Cisco Network Academy Partner Summit.  The link below describes the result of our work with Santa Clara County Elmwood County Jail.

The 36-month Commitment

In this phase, community partners represent a fiscal audited history of at least 3 years, familiar with Pub.L. 112–106 (2012 Jobs Act), known agreements with California as CalFresh Employment & Training), and/or the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) local program.

Highly targeted candidates include those organizations with active Division of Apprenticeship Standards Programs.

The Plan

Each student-inmate will receive at a minimum in addition to (Technical Education):

  • 12 sessions of Minute Coaching each for 45 minutes
  • Personal Communication Skills
  • Mentor Relationship Skills
  • Career Pathway Support
  • Ways to Give Time to Success
  • Financial and Budget Development

Course Materials:

  • Course Booklet
  • Illustrated Lab Study Guide
  • Curriculum Study Guide


Registration in California Division of Apprenticeship Standards (file(s) #29710, 30019 respectively (entry points for Computer Network Support Specialists O-NET-15-1152.00).
Career Education Pathway:
Course to meet basic CompTIA standards for articulation.

Next Steps

  • Help costs associated with the project
  • Focusing on staffing, facility use, equipment upgrades, and instructional materials.
  • Identify at least 20 local sponsors through marketing outreach

Initial employer support releases innovation grants at WOIA, Employment Training Panel, and local Economic Empowerment boards.

Our tipping point is at the end of the 3 years (2023 -2026); where our initial group will be able to exit our model fully enabled to maintain active employment in a technical career field, find suitable and market-wage employment locally, and afford a modest mortgage.

CityLab Professionals working with CompTIA courses help students propel themselves out of old habits of mind, out of the sub-standard economies of poverty. We’re offering apprenticeships that work locally and online.

Here is an example of a remote class that is conducted otherwise in person.

Our near future vision combines a dual registered state and federal apprenticeship with a college education, and on-the-job competency-based learning to offer individuals an opportunity to train in their field while working or training remotely.

Our Annual Summer Dreams Report will be presented in a format built natively for scale, using CompTIA Training tools to provide a highly intuitive and interactive way for analysts to prepare unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data for downstream processing against our timeline below.

Technical Report Timeline

Comparison Group (90 -180 days)

Employer Reports  (12 -24 months)

Random Control Trial Design and Management (36 months)

Program Outcomes

  • Engaging Curriculum – Described as a “mini-MBA,” our Accelerator includes 100+ hours of professional development tailored to the needs of student leaders.
    • Expanded Business Model:
      • What – Design a framework to test new program components and their likelihood to increase or sustain revenue within your business model.  
      • Why – Save time and money by prioritizing program innovations that deliver the highest value using the least resources.
    • Innovations in Impact:
      • What – Create a system for measuring impact that reveals opportunities for program improvement and/or increased funding.
      • Why – Leverage high-potential program innovations to attract more funding and scale your enterprise.
  • Investor and Partner Relationships:
    • What – Develop a strategy to scale your social innovations through investor and partner relationships.
    • Why – Increase sustainability as you scale through strong relationships with partners and investors.
  • Sustainable Enterprise Growth:
    • What – Set and test program outcomes and revenue generation goals for the following 3 years.
    • Why – Build accountability into our plans to scale programs, measurement, and strategy.
  • A Community of Peers – As many MBAs will tell you, it’s not just what they learned, but who they met, and the Accelerator incorporates this value as well. You’ll leave with an incredible network.
    • A cohort of 12 Training Leaders from across Santa Clara County.
    • Santa ClaraCounties’ network of social enterprises that are located in and around San Jose.
    • Introductions to industry experts.

Funding Plan: The cost per participant is $1200 per student for the Fiscal Year 2023-2026.

Example  5 Cohort Enrollments                                                                                  100


Base Rate of $1200 per adult                                                                                      120,000

Grants, and other Funding                                                                                          360,000

Total Revenue                                                                                                                                             480,000


Teacher Salaries  (2 teacher @ $42,000 per teacher)                                               84,000

Executive Director (Clarke)                                                                                          50,000

Benefits                                                                                                                         20,000

Total Salaries                                                                                                                               154,000

Other Expenses 

Contractual                                                                                                                   100,000

  Equipment/ Software                                                                                                40,000

               Office Supplies                                                                                               2,500

               Training Materials and Supplies                                                                  20,000

               Utilities $1000 per month                                                                            12,000

               Maintenance/Operations Supplies                                                             6,000

               Property/Liability Insurance                                                                        1,000

               Facilities Rent 3000 per month                                                                    36,000

  In direct costs 10%           (State Apprenticeship Admin Cost)                               45,000

Total Other Expenditures                                                                                                          262, 500

Total  Salaries and Other Expenditures                                                                   416,500

Budget Excess/(Deficiency)                                                                                                             63,500