Summer Dreams 2023

We noticed the absence of readily available technical training for individuals returning from the county jail, and thus began our mission is to provide Scalable, Sustainable, Federally, and State-Certified education opportunities, including well-known industry certifications to improve agency in underserved communities.

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Blackboard, Chaulk, and Erasers

The CityLab Professional program aims to achieve several key outcomes related to Technical Education, Local Employment, and Affordable Housing.

Technical Education: Students will receive a comprehensive technical education through a 12-week program that includes coaching, personal communication skills training, mentor relationship skills, and financial and budget development. The program will help students register with the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards and achieve career success in the field of computer network support.

Local Employment: By providing on-the-job training and apprenticeships with local employers, the program will help students gain practical experience in their chosen field, and increase their chances of finding suitable and market-wage employment locally. The program will also provide ongoing career support and networking opportunities to help students succeed in their new careers.

Affordable Housing: By providing students with coaching and other support services, the program will help students succeed in their apprenticeships and prepare for full-time employment. The program’s ultimate goal is to help students afford a modest mortgage, which is a key factor in achieving sustainable, long-term housing stability.


Improved alignment between Technical Education and local job markets.
Increased enrollment in Technical Education programs.
Higher job satisfaction for graduates.
Reduced costs for students.
Greater economic stability.
More equitable opportunities.
Stronger local economies.
Long-term stability and independence for all participants through secure stable housing upon release.
The budget for this pilot project includes expenses such as staff salaries and benefits, training materials and equipment, travel and lodging for participants, mentor stipends, and miscellaneous expenses such as office supplies.

This pilot project is designed to provide comprehensive training, financial planning, and employment support to pre-release inmates, which will help them successfully reintegrate into their communities and achieve long-term stability and independence. The program incorporates redemptive leadership and mentoring to empower and support participants in achieving their goals. By achieving the SMARTER deliverables, the pilot project has the potential to bring about significant benefits for the community, including improved alignment between Technical Education and local job markets, increased enrollment in Technical Education programs, higher job satisfaction for graduates, reduced costs for students, greater economic stability, more equitable opportunities, stronger local economies, long-term stability and independence for all participants through secure stable housing upon release.

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