Proximity to Purpose

Proximity to Purpose means that we work in close proximity to build bridges to opportunity.

We achieve these journeys through a 12 Week program that provides students agency in the Technical Support Industry and further encourages skill development through two dually registered paths based on approval of our standards in California, and through the Department of Labor.

Imagine if there was a clear and organized path that could help you transition from just wanting to make a difference to actually finding a meaningful way to contribute that perfectly fits who you are. Well, guess what? You’ve got that path right here! The CityLab Professional Team is here to guide you in discovering the ideal role within our community.

Think of it as a journey where you’ll explore your passions, figure out your purpose, and find your special place.

This program brings a fresh approach to getting involved in your local area and nearby regions. It’s all about recognizing your unique skills and interests, delving into the deeper meaning of volunteering, and really getting to know the people and situations you’ll be helping.

Welcome to CityLab Professional, where a whole new world of service opportunities is waiting for you.

To become a partner or student please follow the external link to our registration site below.