For years, prison systems have worked on programs aimed at reforming inmates. Some have been more successful than others but still those systems always struggle with one factor – the reoffending rates are always high. According to statistics, only 40% of released prisoners never commit another crime. That is terrifyingly low and needs to change.

We’re here to offer a second chance – a chance that also includes education, training, skills, and employability opportunities. Through our Summer Dreams program, we want to provide practical IT training for those incarcerated. That way when they get out, they not only get their chance at redemption but also a marketable skill so that when they leave, they will never return again.

We want to make sure that those who participate in this program come out of it confident and secure so that when they do return to society after being incarcerated, there’s more incentive for them not to commit crimes again because this time around they’re not without anything.

Finding employment after being incarcerated is difficult, to say the least. With an over 77% chance of reoffending within three years of release, staying out of prison means developing life skills that help keep inmates away from their friends and lifestyles they knew while incarcerated.

The Summer Dreams program provides individuals with practical skills on how to manage finances, email, and online safety, as well as teaching self-esteem through healthy habits such as physical fitness and eating well.

With only a 6% chance of reoffending within three years of completion and 88% satisfaction rate among graduates, the Summer Dreams program is changing lives.