Week 1: Meeting Title: Introduction and Goal Setting Objective: Introduction to the course and the learning objectives. Explanation of the SMARTER goal-setting framework. Discussion of the main goal: completing the 12-week Pre-Apprenticeship Technical Support Technician Training program.

Week 2: Meeting Title: Computer Hardware Fundamentals Objective: Introduction to IT Essentials and the fundamentals of computer hardware. Hands-on training with computer components and devices.

Week 3: Meeting Title: Operating Systems and Software Installation Objective: Introduction to operating systems and software installation. Hands-on training with operating systems installation and configuration.

Week 4: Meeting Title: Networking Concepts and Protocols Objective: Introduction to networking concepts and protocols. Hands-on training with configuring network devices and protocols.

Week 5: Meeting Title: Network Security and Troubleshooting Objective: Introduction to network security and troubleshooting. Hands-on training with securing networks and resolving issues.

Week 6: Meeting Title: Cybersecurity and Threats Objective: Introduction to cybersecurity and threats. Hands-on training with identifying and mitigating security threats.

Week 7: Meeting Title: Virtualization and Cloud Computing Objective: Introduction to virtualization and cloud computing. Hands-on training with virtualization and cloud computing technologies.

Week 8: Meeting Title: Database Concepts and Management Objective: Introduction to database concepts and management. Hands-on training with designing and implementing databases.

Week 9: Meeting Title: Programming and Scripting Languages Objective: Introduction to programming and scripting languages. Hands-on training with coding and scripting exercises.

Week 10: Meeting Title: Practice Test and Review Objective: Review of all topics covered in the previous meetings. Practice test for the CompTIA exams.

Week 11: Meeting Title: Practice Test Results and Improvement Objective: Review of the practice test results. Discussion of areas that need improvement and additional practice.

Week 12: Meeting Title: Final Exam and Certification Process Objective: Final exam preparation and review. Test-taking strategies and tips. Discussion of the CompTIA exams and certification process.