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For years, prison systems have worked on programs aimed at reforming inmates. Some have been more successful than others but still those systems always struggle with one factor – the reoffending rates are always high. According to statistics, only 40% of released prisoners never commit another crime. That is terrifyingly low and needs to change. We’re here to offer a […]

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These kinds of educational training programs exist in prisons to help equip inmates returning from prison with knowledge, skills, and abilities that help them overcome the many barriers they experience when attempting to reenter the job market. 

Why Your Company Should Become an Apprenticeship Partner

@true2texas I’m not sure if you know the term Apprenticeship or not. It’s been around for centuries but it wasn’t until last year that I’d heard about it and realized how powerful of an economic development tool this could be within our own organization! There are several reasons why your company should become an Apprenticeship partner and I want to […]

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CityLab Professional is honored to be a part of the CompTIA Apprenticeship Intermediary Ignition Lab The CityLab Professional IT apprenticeship program has been accepted into the CompTIA Apprenticeship Intermediary Ignition Lab, sponsored by CompTIA and the American Institutes for Research (AIR). The lab’s goal is to create more apprenticeships in high-growth IT fields in communities with fewer apprenticeship opportunities and […]