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Best Practices and Frameworks

To ensure successful implementation, we recommend following a set of best practices and frameworks, including SMARTER goals, DMAIC methodology, Six Sigma, and Design Framework Thinking. By leveraging these practices in conjunction with an Employment Social Enterprise focus, we can develop a strategically-oriented service that effectively reduces recidivism by offering job training, employment prospects, and support services.

Outside Reading

  • by First Voice Apprenticeship
    Last week on Full Circle we featured voices from the UC Berkeley Gaza Solidarity Encampment and the emergency rally for Rafah at Sproul Plaza, including voices from the rally, the UC Berkeley Divestment Coalition and UC alumni and community activist, Andrea Pritchet. We also heard from Professor of Asian American and Asian Diaspora, Arab and […]
  • by First Voice Apprenticeship
    This week on Full Circle, we continue to keep our eyes and ears on Palestine. On tonight’s show. The Richmond city council divests from apartheid and war, that includes many companies doing business with Israel, we’ll speak with Richmond Mayor Edurado Martinez and Imam Abubakar Elgarguri. We’ll also hear from Healthcare Workers for Palestine, including […]
  • by First Voice Apprenticeship
    This week on Full Circle we cover national and international news with a local connections. On tonight’s show, we’ll get an update on the Gaza Solidarity Encampment at UC Berkeley, what’s happening there? What are their demands? Then we’ll get an update on what is happening with the Antioch police one year after being outed […]
  • by First Voice Apprenticeship
    LINKS:  Checkout more from the organizations presenting at Crosspollination Of course Follow We Rise Production online and social media Follow alternative media and follow the Reporters/News for a more diverse look at what’s happening in Palestine. Motaz Azaiza, @motaz_azaiza Plestia Alaqad, @byplestia Eye on Palestine @eye.on.palestine Middle […]

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