To ensure eligibility for CityLab Professional-delivered courses, trainees must meet certain requirements. Training must be completed within 36 months of completing the Employment Verification Form and applies to new business and registrations for eligible Instructor-Led, Hosted Distance Learning, and Online LIVE courses.

Trainees must be full-time employees working 35 hours or more per week, with wages reported in California. They must attend a minimum of 8 class hours and remain employed for 90 days after training ends. Classes must be taken on company-paid time, and all trainees must meet a certain hourly wage to be eligible.

There are various eligible training options to choose from, including Basic and Advanced Computer Skills, Manufacturing Skills and Continuous Improvement, Business Skills and Customer Service, Sales Training and Skills, Team Building, and many more.

As of June 1, 2022, CityLab Professional has a $50K 3-year contract with the Employment Training Panel (ETP-21-0342) to provide training for individuals who are unemployed, have a criminal record and are currently or have been in parole status, or are young adults (18 to 23 years of age) at risk of anti-social activities.

If you would like to schedule an interview to be included in an upcoming cohort, please follow the link below and complete the application.