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Welcome to National Apprenticeship Week

Welcome to National Apprenticeship Week

The CityLab Professional Apprenticeship Training Program Approach

Citylab professional is a dual registered apprenticeship program with the state and federal government allowing for remote work to satisfy the on-the-job training requirements. The program combines our college education, online professional courses through CompTIA, and on-the-job competency-based learning with a clear roadmap and mentorship for developing diverse and inclusive apprentices for our clients into skilled professionals.  Commitments are from 90 days to 36 months to receive certification.

Click the Youtube link to see and learn more.

We started this program because we believe in the ability of all individuals.

Our goal is to teach incarcerated students through face-to-face interaction so they realize they can do it and work hard, they will succeed.

We believe that by doing so we will enable our students with agency to achieve three distinct goals

  1. Technical Education Certifications
  2. Local Employment Opportunites
  3. Affordable Housing Solutions

We will lay out this plan from previous success on Thursday, Nov 17th at 11:00 AM (Register Here)

Our training focuses on future jobs related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and computer-coding-related careers provided through our Cisco Network Academy.

We have developed a consortium of secondary schools, community colleges, labor agencies, employers, and industry representatives that offer “stackable” credentials (i.e., a sequence of credentials that can be accumulated over time) that are committed to building career pathways leading to jobs in high-demand industries.

Our work will enable students to apply for 3.5M unfilled positions in the information and cyber security industry by 2030.

We have taught over 100 students within Elmwood County Jail for our pre-apprentice program, 2018 we graduated four (4) 22 -24-year-olds in our most recent pilot project with Hayward Alternative and Adult School and today we are actively interviewing over 130 students online each year to help us meet our long term goal of 20 county programs.

Click the Youtube link to see and learn more.

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