What’s A Accelerator?

Summer Dreams: A 12 Week learning program created to give the incarcerated a second chance in life through practical IT training and reduce their likelihood of reoffending.

CityLab Professional is a novel social program that has been developed by Network Support Engineers, Technical Trainers, and Technical Project Coordinators in order to provide people with opportunities they would not otherwise be able to afford.

The program works by reducing the cost of housing through tax incentives as well as raising wages through subsidies for technical training and career opportunities.

These measures are meant to incentivize companies so that they can create more jobs in cities with high costs of living.

Collect: Get new contacts using mobile keywords and online sign-up tools.
Nurture: Get to know each contact by automatically gathering actionable data and analyzing behavior.
Engage: Send targeted alerts, reminders, or invites at the right time.
Act: Get a contact to become a member; get a candidate to apply for the job; or convert a lead into a paying customer.
Support: Keep your contacts happy by answering questions and providing assistance via two-way texting or automated workflow
Feedback: Send text surveys to get significantly more responses than email, so you get the feedback you need to improve your operations.
Advocacy: Happy customers or members make great brand ambassadors. Automatically encourage them to leave positive reviews and have your supervisor contact unhappy ones right away.