Summer Dreams 2024

Announcing Summer Dreams: A Beekeeping Apprenticeship Pilot

Citylab Professional is thrilled to announce the launch of “Summer Dreams,” an exciting pilot project aimed at providing our beekeeper students with hands-on learning experiences and real-world exposure to the beekeeping industry.

Collaboration with UC Davis El Nino Lab for Beekeeping

As part of this initiative, students currently enrolled at the prestigious UC Davis El Nino Lab for Beekeeping will have the opportunity to continue their learning journey beyond the classroom. We have partnered with Mango Blossom Apaiaires, a renowned local apiary, to offer our students a unique apprenticeship program.

Apprenticeship at Mango Blossom Apaiaires

Through this collaboration, our students will work alongside experienced beekeepers at Mango Blossom Apaiaires, gaining invaluable hands-on experience in various aspects of beekeeping. From hive management and honey extraction to bee health monitoring and sustainable practices, our apprentices will immerse themselves in the daily operations of a thriving apiary.

Munchyfest Farmers Markets at the YMCA

To further enrich their learning experience, our apprentices will have the chance to participate in the Munchyfest Farmers Markets at the YMCA. Every third weekend of the month, from now until October, our students will be actively involved in showcasing their beekeeping knowledge and products to the local community.

This unique opportunity will provide our students with practical skills and foster their entrepreneurial spirit and help them develop a deeper appreciation for the vital role beekeepers play in our ecosystem.

A Stepping Stone to Success

At Citylab Professional, we believe experiential learning is key to preparing our students for successful careers in the beekeeping industry. The Summer Dreams pilot project represents our commitment to providing our students with a well-rounded education that combines theoretical knowledge with real-world application.

We are confident that this initiative will equip our students with the skills, experience, and connections they need to thrive in the dynamic world of beekeeping.

Stay tuned for updates and success stories from our Summer Dreams apprentices as they embark on this exciting journey!

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