Building A Brighter Path

Often we are asked how, and more often we are asked why. We have a difficult time answering what has become the obvious answer, Why Not?

Johnny Clarke, who has worked as a volunteer in the Elmwood County Jail for the past two years, needs help with his program, the students need books and supplies for Technical Certification tests.

Johnny is running a program that helps people get jobs when they are released from jail. He needs some money so that he can buy some things like books and pencils for the people that go to this program. He has exhausted all avenues, but he cannot find anyone to help him or fund the program and has written to me asking for assistance.

The foundation of this new apprenticeship program has been created by Johnny Lee Clarke, Loree Davila, and Citylab Professional.

Through new apprenticeship programs, citizens are given a path away from incarceration, since apprenticeship provides employment opportunities.

Technology is pivotal to success in this era; it touches each person and every industry. Through providing job opportunities, we can advance the careers of people who want to use technology to provide practical solutions for issues plaguing our society. Through new apprenticeship programs, citizens are given a pathway towards high-skilled jobs so they can compete and win where employers look for technical expertise.

The students need books and supplies for Technical Certification tests, but due to the economic downturn, he’s unable to provide them. For a program in the county that will help students succeed; he just needs some extra funding.

Every industry stands to grow exponentially if this demand is fulfilled – especially now with increased diversity among populations because the tech field has been historically dominated by males. To help upskill the current workforce, new apprenticeship programs are being put into place based on Entry Level Jobs such as Network Support Specialist and Cybersecurity Support Technician – these are just a few of many new opportunities which will soon launch with your support

There are so many things Johnny Clarke could do to help his students. He can supply them with books and test materials they need to pass technical certification exams.
Without capable technological guidance, students are struggling to study for technical certification tests.

A lack of minorities in technological positions is discouraging for everyone involved but what if we change all that?

What if one day you found out there was hope after all?

If we can build bridges to success when it comes to obtaining a well-paid position – then shouldn’t we make these opportunities available to those who need them most?